Schneider Electric has unveiled a range of home energy solutions made entirely of recycled ocean plastics.

Revealed at CES 2022, the switch and sockets are made of recycled fishing nets that minimises the company’s footprint, as well as taking waste products out of the ocean. The product range is the next step in the company’s focus to eliminate non-recyclable materials and give customers more choice when looking to drive down their own personal footprint. 

The Merten range is an industry first, with the switch and sockets the first home energy solutions derived from upcycled ocean plastic. The nets have been collected from the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, with customers assured they will not be compromising on durability or style with the range. Given abandoned or lost fishing equipment accounts for 10 percent of the plastic waste in Earth’s oceans, Schneider’s innovative range contributes towards reducing the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that remain in the ocean.

Schneider Electric partnered with DSM to bring the range to life, converting the fishing net waste into high-grade technical plastic. The health, nutrition and bioscience company works with a number of Indian communities to recover and collect the fishing nets. Once collected, the nets are then cut up, cleaned, extruded, and inspected for quality before being processed into Akulon Repurposed compound. Glass fiber is utilised for approximately 15 percent of the product, allowing the sockets to be more durable and resilient. 

Schneider Electric’s Executive Vice-President of Global Home and Distribution, YiFu Qi, says the switch to renewable plastic products begins within the walls of a consumer’s home. 

“The collaboration between DSM and Schneider Electric is a world first and a game-changer for the market. We hope to pave the way for even more sustainable innovations in the electrical solutions industry and spark inspiration and innovation for years to come,” he says. 

“The Merten recycled ocean material range is just the first of many sustainable solutions from Schneider Electric as we take strides towards helping our customers achieve global net zero goals.

“The future of production in the electrical solutions sector has to be green. Using the right materials for the job from the outset is central to creating a circular economy in this industry.”

The Merten range is delivered in 100 percent recyclable packaging, underlining Schneider’s commitment to sustainability. The company has eliminated all single-use plastics from its packaging process. 

“Tackling the global challenge of ocean plastics will require our entire industry to step up and find innovative solutions to drive a circular transformation,” says Helen Mets, DSM’s Executive Vice-President Materials. 

“Through our collaboration with Schneider Electric, we aspire to take a small step towards maintaining healthier marine life, litter-free beaches, and cleaner oceans and the initiative also supporting local livelihoods and creating jobs – all while giving the eco-conscious homeowners and residents access to safe and stylish electrical outlets. Together, we can create demand for reused plastics and help find a second home for discarded recyclable materials.”

The Merten Ocean Plastics range has been recognized by CES as a 2022 Innovation Award honoree in the Sustainability Category. For more information regarding the range, visit