The UNSW is hosting the SBE16 Conference this week to drive innovation in the design, planning and management of more energy efficient, sustainable and resilient cities. The conference is organised by UNSW Built Environment and the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Low Carbon Living based at UNSW.

To be opened by Lucy Turnbull, Chief of the Greater Sydney Commission and Adjunct Professor at UNSW’s Faculty of Built Environment, the SBE16 Conference is part of the globally significant Sustainable Built Environment (SBE) Conference 2016 Series.

Aiming to bring together research and industry innovations on an international platform, the conference will connect eminent researchers and industry professionals who aim to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, improve public health, and create more resilient cities by considering the interdependencies of building design and urban planning.

Key topics on the table include bioclimatic architecture; computational design; remote sensing and GIS; adaptive architecture and disaster resilience; micro-climate performance and outdoor thermal comfort; green infrastructure and ecosystem services; and materials recycling, reuse and manufacturing for built environments.

Keynote speakers at SBE16 Conference:

Professor Helen Lochhead

Dean of UNSW Built Environment and former deputy NSW Government Architect

Professor Matheos Santamouris

Professor of Energy Physics at the University of Athens and Inaugural Anita Lawrence Chair in High Performance Architecture at UNSW Built Environment

Scientia Professor Deo Prasad

CEO of the CRC for Low Carbon Living and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering

Mr Nils Larsson 

Executive Director of the International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment

Professor Dennis Else 

Executive Director, Sustainability, Safety & Health, Brookfield Multiplex, and Board member of the CRC for Low Carbon Living

Professor Peter Newton

Research Professor at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Research Leader in the CRC for Low Carbon Living and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences

Mr Man-kit Leung

Director of Hong Kong Green Building Council and Chairman of Policy and Research Committee, Hong Kong Green Building Council

SBE16 Sydney will be held on 17– 18 November 2016 at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney.