SAOTA, the Cape Town-based design studio, has now established itself in Sydney, currently having five projects located in the high-end residential market, with their latest design winning three awards.

The firm has worked on projects in 86 countries, across six continents and has projects underway in several other key cities globally, including Los Angeles, Dubai, Geneva, Moscow, Dakar, St Tropez, and more recently Sao Paulo and Shenzhen.

“Founded in 1986, SAOTA is known for its contemporary design language characterised by clean lines, pure forms and a powerful connection to the landscape and the context of each site. Sydney, which shares a similar climate to Cape Town, lends itself to seamless indoor-outdoor living; something that SAOTA has mastered in their memorable and generously lit spaces,” according to a statement by SAOTA.

SAOTA Director, Philip Olmesdahl explains, “Like Cape Town, Sydney’s coast contains seaside suburbs, one after the other, with world-class views and beaches.”

“Both cities sit on the water with the waterfront as an attraction. More importantly, with its similar climate, Sydney feels like home and our design DNA has evolved in creating spaces for this type of environment.”