Drop-A-Brick is a modern equivalent to the age-old trick of putting a brick or rock in a toilet tank to help save water.

Unlike standard bricks that can disintegrate over time and damage plumbing systems, the Drop-A-Brick is made of a sustainable bio-based rubber and is filled with an eco-friendly hydro gel that solidifies when water is added to it.

When placed in the tank of a toilet, the brick displaces water and tricks the toilet into using less water for every flush.

According to the product’s designers, the extra weight is enough to displace about two litres of water, which, for a family of four, adds up to saving approximately seven and a half litres per day and 190 litres per week.

The Drop-A-Brick is an American not-for-profit grassroots project created to combat the current drought in California.

An IndieGoGo crowd funding campaign has been set up so people can purchase a brick and donate one to Californian families most affected by the drought.

Courtesy Dornob