RMIT University Professor Tom Kovac will lead a major global architecture event in Malaysia next year. A leading architect, Professor Kovac has been appointed as the Artistic Director and Curator of the inaugural Malaysia Biennial 2015, with RMIT architecture alumni Giana Zulkafli and Don Nazrain also announced as directors of the event, along with a roll call of the world’s top architects.

Being held in May next year, the Malaysia Biennial 2015 is an international, multi-disciplinary collaborative research project designed to create visionary ideas for the future evolution of cities and communities. More than 500 prominent architects, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists, philosophers and students are expected to participate in the event to shape new ideas for low cost housing.

Professor Kovac, the Director of the 100YC program at RMIT’s School of Architecture and Design, said the Biennial’s theme 100YC [Year City] World Wide Workshop aimed to create a vision for development of Malaysia in the next 100 years. He added that the Malaysia Biennial 2015 will function as a global workshop of open source collaboration.

The Malaysia Biennial 2015 will include exhibitions, a symposium, and online collaboration modules with leading international architecture schools.

Professor Kovac has the honour of being the only Australian architect invited to design a proposal for a new World Trade Centre in New York.