The residence of former Labor politician and activist, Tom Uren is up for sale on Modern House Real Estate and is accompanied by new professional photography and information about the home’s design.

Designed by Richard Leplastrier, one of Australia’s most influential and revered architects, Uren House was completed in 1992 and was home for Uren and his family until he passed away last year.

As is common in the work of Leplastrier, Uren House depicts a deeply immersed and highly crafted solution from the architect which, as he tells Modern House, was derived from his time spent camping on the site before he commenced designing.

“I had my drawing board there, and some of the first ideas for the house came from that week’s [camping] onsite,” Leplastrier says.

“When you do that, you see the way the place works in a way you don’t see if you just visit for a couple of hours two or three times. You see how it works in the weather, how it works from the point of view of the sunrise and sunset, noise, neighbours, harbour activity etc.”

The four bedroom house is located in Balmain East on the high side of Gilchrist Place, a cul-de-sac with views out over Sydney Harbour and towards Balls Head. It is constructed in a recycled jarrah and karri frame, walls of blackbutt from northern NSW, brushbox flooring, and ceilings of celery top pine sold off by the Hydroelectric Commission in Tasmania.

Recycled bricks form the kitchen pantry and oversized fireplace that spills out onto a central living space, naturally lit by a high bank of narrow windows flanking the eaves of the home’s pyramid hip roof.

Above: The house is located on a steep site overlooking the harbour to the north. Photography by Michael Nicholson 

Below: Leplastrier was commissioned to add a study and extra bathroom to the house a few years after it was completed. Photography by Michael NicholsonTom-Uren-House_Richard-Leplastrier_Guest-Bedroom-1.jpgTom-Uren-House_Richard-Leplastrier_Guest-Bathroom-2-1.jpg

The house was built by master builder John Simpson who is renowned for his expert joinery.

Leplastrier added a study and extra bathroom to the house a few years after it was completed.

The house is up for sale on Modern House which has additional images and more detail about the building’s design.