Twenty-five projects have been shortlisted for the 2017 ArchiTeam Awards, an annual program that supports emerging, small and medium architectural practices around the country.

Each year, the ArchiTeam Awards provides a platform for Australia’s smaller practices to showcase their designs to the larger architectural and design community (not to mention the general public). Awarded projects often come from practices that may have been overlooked in larger awards programs.

Along with its regular categories, the 2017 awards will also feature a Contribution Award and a Small Project Medal.

Among the shortlisted projects for this year’s awards is Dark Horse by Architecture Architecture. The dwelling is a new residential build in a suburban Melbourne neighbourhood filled with workers' cottages. From the street, the typical design features of neighbouring residences are visible in the new structure: a stepped parapet, a central window, a sidelined door and an entrance awning. A minimalistic interior and a boxy structure at the rear provide evidence of the architect’s reinterpretation of the established context.

Another shortlisted project is a personal one from husband and wife at Krisna Cheung Architects. Ray Cheung and Elisbaet Krisna required a space that would allow them to monitor and connect with their two children during working hours while still fulfilling the functional needs of an office environment. Their response was the Cubby Office, a separate two-storey timber and polycarbonate addition to their family home in north Melbourne. The key design feature of the project is a 1.6mm perforated metal sheet that is used as the floor for the upper level, and which doubles as a play space for the children. 

The 2017 ArchiTeam Awards winners will be announced in Melbourne on Wednesday 15 November.

Full shortlist below: 


  • Dark Horse by Architecture Architecture
    Dark-Horse-by-Architecture-Architecture-Photo-Peter-Bennetts-1.jpgPhotography by Peter Bennetts 
  • Tess + JJ’s House by po-co Architecture
  • Aquas Perma Solar Firma by CplusC Architectural Workshop
  • Datum House by FIGR Architecture Studio
    Datum-House-by-FIGR-Architecture-Studio-Photo-Tom-Blachford-1.jpgPhotography by Tom Blachford 
  • Ramp House by Irons McDuff Architecture
  • Richmond Hill by Melbourne Design Studios (MDS)
  • Two Halves by Moloney Architects
    Two-Halves-by-Moloney-Architects-Photo-Christine-Francis-1.jpgPhotography by Christine Francis 
  • South Melbourne Beach House by Topology Studio


  • Light Corridor House by FIGR Architecture Studio
  • Elgin Street Residence by Sonelo Design Studio
    Elgin-Street-Residence-by-Sonelo-Design-Studio-Photo-Peter-Bennetts-1.jpgPhotography by Peter Bennetts 
  • PerfPad by Northbourne Architecture + Design
  • Ballantyne by Foomann Architects
  • Valiant House by A for Architecture
    Valiant-House-by-A-for-Architecture-1.jpgImage: A for Architecture 
  • Together Apart by Architecture Architecture
  • Cairo Studio by Nicholas Agius Architects
  • Joyful House by Mihaly Slocombe
  • Fifty Fifty by Architecture Architecture
    Fifty-Fifty-by-Architecture-Architecture-1.jpgImage: Architecture Architecture 


  • Workshop Bros Glen Waverley by Studio Esteta
  • Cubby Office by Krisna Cheung Architects
    Cubby-Office-by-Krisna-Cheung-Architects-Photo-Nic-Granleese-1.jpgPhotography by Nic Granleese 
  • Primo by Olaver Architecture
  • Norton Legal by Dreamer
  • Barre Body by Mihaly Slocombe
    Barre-Body-by-Mihaly-Slocombe-Photo-Barre-Body-1.jpgImage: Barre Body 


  • 30km Master Plan for Dazhou by Nervegna Reed Architecture
  • Urban Renaissance – Atherton Gardens Re-Commission by ElvinTan Studio
  • Broken Hill Solar Farm Viewing by OSK Architects