Reiner Schimminger’s City of Hope, located in Coffs Harbour, which won the Sustainability Awards Best of the Best Award and Landscape and Biophilia Award in 2019, recently opened its doors for a walkthrough by Architecture & Design. 

The German architect, Reiner Schimminger, was inspired as “a climate change campaigner and local organiser of events,” says Schimminger. 

“I needed something tangible, something I could manifest using my skill as architect and builder.” 

“A project that would be comprehensive in its approach and walk to the edge of the most advanced measures of sustainability possible in the build environment today.”

The result is a plot of land that houses four homes, that rely on 100% renewable energy, safe materials, water sensitive design, urban food production and “a coexistence with nature.”

The site makes for a communal and neighbourly atmosphere, as the purchase of a lot is subsequently the purchase of your house and a communal ownership of the entire plot itself. 

From the top, down, the project enables a considered approach to climate change and architecture, “aiming at the most advanced measures of sustainability in the built environment possible today.” 

Schimminger’s City of Hope still has two houses available to buy.