Warehouses, whether industrial or rural, are a type of building that can easily be found all around the world.

Some of these shelters are century-old and have probably been built to store products or to accommodate factories.

However, due to urban phenomena and new technologies, many of them stopped operating as they were originally used to and started to spark interest in several businesses whose aim was to re-adapt these structures to meet new purposes.

We have selected 25 projects to demonstrate how adaptive reuse of warehouse structures can be a great option for multiple purposes - residential, cultural, commercial, services - in addition to being an eco-friendly solution by recycling the existing architecture.

Topo's Shed Workspace and Housing / Pía Mendaro

Figueras International Seating Design Center / Miriam Castells, Joaquim Rigau, Núria Moliner, Riaz Forghani

Roskilde Festival Folk High School / MVRDV + Cobe

Escritórios Revigrés / Carlos Castanheira

Spectris Innovation Centre / Studium