Social media has gone mad recently for what is titled the ‘Putin House’, a concept drawing (yes, it's not real) created by Russian architect Roman Vlasov. Resembling something you’d expect Le Chiffre would spend his summer in when he’s not torturing James Bond, the house is an ominous piece of architecture that sits amongst a rich forest canopy (said to be in Sochi) perched on a futuristic triangular base. 

Given the sheer height of the dwelling, it's surprising Putin just didn’t boot political prisoner and longtime Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny off the edge. The base that holds the house above the canopy could hold anything, but if we had to speculate, it probably contains a couple thousand litres of Putin’s most precious resource, crude oil. 

While we can’t see the bottom of the building’s base, we’re fairly sure there’d be a gulag down there somewhere, which is probably where they’re holding Navalny and various other enemies of the state such as John McCain or bears that dare walk through the streets.

putin house exterior

The interior of the house is sleek and modern, with far better design flourishes compared to that lifeless $1.3 billion estate that the Russian President apparently paid for through a corruption campaign and had to come out and deny. At this point the issue isn’t the fact that he ripped off his people, but the fact that he hasn’t moved past the Georgian architecture period. Boomer.

Seriously though, the Putin House is a cracking concept drawing that deserves the attention it's currently receiving. While we assume Putin will never contact Vlasov to build the house, he’s at least making money out of it after turning it into an NFT.

In summary, Putin wouldn’t know what good taste was if it poisoned him with Novichok. Unfortunately for this reason, the Putin House will likely remain a concept, unless Metro Goldwyn Mayer comes calling for the next Bond film.

Images: Roman Vlasov