Princeton has announced the completion of its $98 million Villawood residential project ‘One Place’, designed by Tony Owen Partners.

Located at 1 Villawood Place in the heart of the Western Sydney suburb, One Place comprises 161 residential apartments and a retail complex on the ground floor. Given strong connectivity and affordability, Villawood has undergone something of an urban transformation and since become a highly sought after housing market.

The building’s facade is multi-faceted in both material and colour, with interiors featuring stone benches and stainless steel. The precinct was originally approved for 119 apartments at the time of settlement, but ABA Group sought to add a further 42 and later gained approval.

one place villawood

Princeton Founder George Gadallah says the project seeks to cater for the demand of Villawood’s burgeoning housing market.

“We are thrilled to have contributed to the revitalisation and transformation of Villawood, which is emerging as one of Western Sydney’s quickest growing and most desirable suburbs to live in,” he says.

“One Place is the crown jewel in a new wave of sleek modern apartments, including the previously Princeton financed “888 Project” in 2020, that has helped to reinvigorate interest and rejuvenate the area.”

One Place was issued a full Occupation Certificate in April 2022 denoting physical completion of all construction works, with the settlement of pre sold apartments now underway.