In a positive sign for Australia’s architecture and design industry, independent forecasts show the value of projects in ‘Concept and Design’ stages in an upward trend. This exclusive data is collated by construction information specialist BCI Australia.

An 18 per cent increase in concept and design stage projects coming on stream in the past 12 months reflects an additional $10 billion of building work (excluding civil engineering) at the end of the pipeline.

After several years of slow or stilted growth that has yet to get us back to pre-GFC levels, this increase in early stage projects is promising.

Scale: graphs below are in millions of dollars measured quarterly over the last 24 months.

Australia – Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects

Multi-unit Residential

Australia’s biggest and most closely watched sector, residential, has also swelled by 15 per cent, bringing the total amount of (multi unit) work in the beginning of the pipeline to $31 billion.

Australia - Concept & Design Stage Multi Dwelling Residential Projects

NSW/ACT - Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects

The 2013/2014 financial year has been particularly strong for NSW/ACT. After three quarters of growth, in the 1st quarter of 2014, the amount of building work moving in concept and design stages reached nearly $8 billion. This is this largest amount of building construction work in a single quarter in any state in the past two years.

SA - Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects

The only other state which grew its early planning contingent in early 2014 was SA, which has nonetheless had a very quiet 12 months with only $1.5 billion of building in concept and design - certainly nothing to compare with the spike it experienced in the 3rd quarter of 2012 which rivaled the bigger eastern states.

WA - Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects

WA has had a bigger than usual year of early planning projects thanks to several urban developments coming on stream at the end of 2013.

VIC/TAS - Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects

Both VIC/TAS and QLD/NT are also showing year on year growth at the early end of the construction pipeline with 13 per cent and 23 per cent respectively more work.

QLD/NT - Concept & Design Stage Building Construction Projects


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