It took just two weeks for a new flexible and energy-efficient cruise terminal to be installed at the Port of Seville, Spain.

Hombre de Piedra and burĂ³4 worked together to design the new modern terminal, which is made out of 23 prefabricated white shipping containers stacked alongside each other in an alternating checkerboard pattern.

Floors and walls have been cut away from the containers and windows added to create a large, naturally ventilated gallery.

Bioclimatic strategies have also been integrated into the design to ensure the containers do not overheat during Seville’s hot summers.

A special white ceramic paint has been used to cover the exterior of the containers, working to reflect up to 90 per cent of solar radiation and reduce heat gain.

The constructive and plastic potential of the re-used containers means that the terminal is fully recyclable and can be extended or moved if necessary.

In total, the terminal was built in 45 days – 30 days to fabricate the modules off site, a day to transport and then 14 days to complete the installation.

Courtesy Inhabitat