In this episode of Talking Architecture & Design, we talk to Tone Wheeler, principal and director of Environa Studio and passionate advocate for sustainable architecture. 

“One of the few irritating things about Australian architecture is the idea of Australia as a homogenous thing,” says Wheeler. 

“It’s the most polycultural nation on Earth. It’s a highly multi-national, multi-religious, polychromatic society and yet we have a very singular kind of architecture. You do Brisbane architecture in Brisbane, or you do Melbourne architecture in Melbourne. 

“I have a vision to make the rest of my contemporaries a bit more open-minded, a little bit more, perhaps, conciliatory towards the diversity of things that are being built in our cities. I try to tell every student: every building has a purpose, every building has a place; therefore develop your own unique way, or find your own voice to interpret those things to come up with a unique building [as] we are looking for diversity.”