German studio Tammo Prinz has designed a residential tower made from modular cubes and dodecahedrons as part of a competition entry for the redevelopment of a site in Lima, Peru.

Drawing on elements of Euclidean geometry, Tammo Prinz envisioned a concrete structure that uses a tessellating pattern of three-dimensional shapes to form a dramatic fa├žade and defined interior and exterior living spaces.

Cubic shapes are intended to house indoor living functions, whilst the dodekaeder, which encase them, creates a series of flexible spaces that can be used as an extension of the interior, or as a balcony-like outdoors area.

The architects behind the proposal believe the ability to slice the platonian shapes in half and expand them in all three dimensions means that that the modular concept could easily be adapted and applied to a number of future residential projects. 

Courtesy Arch Daily and Tammo Prinz Architects