Lend Lease has submitted plans to the NSW government for the Barangaroo south residential development designed by Richard Francis-Jones of fjmt and Andrew Andersons of PTW.

The land is approximately 20 metres wide and the architects have split the linear building into two primary forms; a scaled rectilinear form that 'defines and characterises the waterfront'; and a taller form that turns to the north and 'addresses the main public open space'.

The ground level is predominantly retail, services and lobbies for the apartments and above this are 7 and 9 levels of apartments with 82 in total with the overall building height 38.1 metres to the North and 31.5 metres at the south.

The proposal also outlines the sustainable measures that will be incorporated into the building such as low operational energy consumption, reduced potable water use and 'appropriate' materials selection.

The wider Barangaroo precinct will have a district cooling plant, onsite renewables strategy and recycled water which the residential development will also benefit from.

The residential development will be committing to a 5 Star Design and As-Built Green Star ratings under the Green Star Multi-unit Residential v1 tool.

Passive sustainable design principles will also be incorporated such as solar gain, cross ventilation to 78 per cent of all apartments. There will also be sun-shading devices to reduce solar gains and increase control of the internal environment against late afternoon sun

At the northern end of the building the curved forms are created through facetted panels and laser-cut custom patterned bi-fold balcony screens in light colours opening towards the north.

The proposal states: "The architecture is intended to give a character to these privileged apartments that is appropriate to this exceptional public waterfront site, most of all it is intended to create a carefully scaled and expressive backdrop to these important public spaces."

The west façade of the building will also have angled separating walls that ‘turn’ the building to the north which reduces the impact of low western sun in summer. External custom bi-fold adjustable screens will aim to increase privacy. 

Design renders by fjmt courtesy NSW planning