A series of plans have been developed to revitalise the Perth CBD’s core retail precinct.

At a recent City of Perth council meeting a Notion of Motion was put forward, outlining strategies to address homelessness, parking and retail challenges in the city.

“The City will now look to implement a 12-month trial of three-hour free parking on weekends and public holidays in strategically located areas, to encourage people [to go] into the CBD and provide an economic injection into local businesses,” says chair commissioner Eric Lumsden.

“Additionally, the City will consider appropriate locations for the establishment of a safe night space and support services hub to assist rough sleepers and people in need. It’s envisaged that by providing people with a safe space with the coordination of services, rough sleepers won’t need to seek shelter in doorways or shopfronts.”

The City will also run a forum with property and retail representatives to discuss challenges facing the CBD precinct, such as anti-social behaviour, economic factors, ongoing parking initiatives and competition from major suburban shopping centres.

“A solution to homelessness and the issues facing the retail and business sectors is not an overnight fix, but this is a start,” adds Lumsden.

“The City will continue to maintain an open dialogue with the State Government while it develops its homeless strategy, as it will take a united front from all levels of government to find long-term solutions to tackling homelessness.”