After 25 years in practice, award-winning Australian architect Caroline Pidcock has announced the decision to close her design firm, PIDCOCK - Architecture + Sustainability.

In a brief statement released yesterday, Pidcock said of her decision:

“As a sole director, I have had an opportunity to reflect [over] 25 years of practice, and this has allowed me the privilege to envisage what the next stage will be. I believe it is important to be able to recreate a personal and professional vision for the future and to keep aligning to your joy.”

Having decided to bring the ‘formal design practice’ stage of her creative work to a close, Pidcock added that the PIDCOCK – Architecture + Sustainability team will be transitioning to a close by the end of 2017 on completion of their current projects.

Her plans for the future include exploring a range of new opportunities, such as public speaking and writing, tutoring and curriculum development in sustainable design, serving on advisory panels, juries and boards as well as collaborations with other architects, consultants and builders.