Perth architecture firm DAPM Architects has gone into liquidation, less than a week after it spun-out of Designinc and formed.

Designinc announced on 8 December that its WA office, trading as Designinc Perth, had left the group and rebranded as DAPM Architects, but the latest news is that DAPM has already collapsed and is in the hands of liquidators.

DAPM was to be headed by former Designinc Perth Managing Director Ron Jee and have a renewed focus on aged care, hospitality and modular design, things that weren’t considered a core part of the Designinc offering. However Business News is now reporting that the firm has gone into voluntary liquidation after a general meeting last week.

But it isn’t over for Jee and some of the DAPM team. He told Business News that the liquidation was the first step in the process of establishing a new firm, Modcon Architecture, with the new name to better reflect the operations of the company.

He said that clients contracted under the Designinc brand were happy to come with him and that some, but not all, of his former employees would be rehired at Modcon.

Jee says 2017 will provide the opportunity for Modcon to cement itself as a leader in modular and prefabrication architecture.