The City of Parramatta has unveiled a 25-year manifesto which will guide the transformation of Sydney’s second CBD. The document, titled Parramatta 2050, is clear in its goal: For the city to become a global powerhouse.

Building on the city’s existing strengths, the document advocates for new opportunities and investment, fine tuning its pitch to ensure it is understood by all, irrespective of location. 

“This is Council’s pitch to secure Parramatta’s position on the world stage,” Parramatta Lord Mayor Pierre Esber says.

“We want to see Parramatta recognised internationally as a place where people gather to share their ideas and collaborate, create firsts and where great ideas can build momentum. We want to make our City a magnet for individuals, businesses and industries looking for a place to start their story.”

Parramatta 2050 imagines the city as five separate districts, each united by the Parramatta River and soon-to-be-completed transport links, but with its own distinct identity and jobs focus. 

A health and innovation district will be located in Westmead and North Parramatta, and a ‘headquarters’ district has been reserved for the Parramatta CBD. A model city district in Camellia and Rosehill will reportedly set the standard for green jobs and infrastructure, while Future Jobs and Celebration districts will be located in Silverwater and Sydney Olympic Park respectively.

The changes are estimated to create 150,000 additional jobs, while underscoring Parramatta’s commitment to the arts in the form of the reimagined Riverside Theatres and Powerhouse Parramatta, plus a new world-renowned contemporary art gallery and live music venues. 

Parramatta also hopes to be the Esports capital of Australia, with a multi-purpose indoor arena earmarked for construction by local council. A new body, Parramatta International, would be created if the document is green lit by the wider public, which will assist in fostering economic development of the city.

“This vision is about better connecting Parramatta to the world – through business relationships, through cultural connections and with transport including to a new international airport in Western Sydney,” Esber continues.

“Governments at both State and Federal level are making decisions right now that will have far-reaching impacts for our City’s future. Without our vision to guide us, these decisions could end up as barriers instead of building blocks.”

Esber says community consultation is crucial to the document and the city's future.

“We want our community to have their say on what our City’s future looks like and how we want to be seen by the rest of the world,” he says.

“Parramatta 2050 will bring a world of opportunity to our doorstep and ensure our kids and grandkids grow up knowing that in Parramatta, anything is possible.”  

The draft Parramatta 2050 document will be on public exhibition until Friday 19 July.