California designer Yumi Yoshida has created a two-seater couch that doubles as a large, thin floor mat simply by being unfolded.

The Origami Sofa is made from an upholstered sheet of nylon-entombed foam, which when folded compresses to create structural strength.

In five maneuvers, the couch opens out to reveal a neon orange flat rug, mimicking the traditional origami paper that lends the concept its name.

To convert the mat back into a sofa, one end is folded into a pair of right-angled triangular boxes while the other is pinched into the beginnings of a box shape that will become the seat section.

The triangular boxes are folded inward to form the back and armrests and the seat is rolled into the centre to create a supporting structure.

To complete the couch, the back section is stacked on top of the seat.

This Brilliant Origami Couch Unfolds Into a Flat Rug

Courtesy Gizmodo