An online platform has been launched to promote and share the concept of ‘Future Street’ to landscape architects, planners, designers, government, product suppliers and tech companies.

The Future Street ‘Hub’ has been designed as a one-stop-shop; a central location for Future Street collateral and material, ideas, collaborations, events and more.

“The concept of ‘Future Street’ is the incorporation of innovative ideas around how landscape, infrastructure and technology can advance our cities and public spaces to become greener, more complete and smarter,” says Adam Beck, executive director of SCCANZ.

“It considers how the future may look in response to opportunities created by the introduction of autonomous vehicles, shared mobility, smart city technology, urban agriculture and urban landscape imperatives as well as potential retail offerings.”

In October 2017, Alfred Street in Sydney, Australia was transformed into a street of the future as part of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects’ (AILA) 2017 International Festival. It was a partnership between the Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA), Smart Cities Council, Internet of Things Alliance Australia and Place Design Group.

The Hub leverages from landscape architecture and planning philosophies incorporated in the physical build of the inaugural Future Street installation. Ideas and principles were conceptualised with the vision that single or multiple elements of the physically built street could inform and inspire other ‘future streets’ and the future planning and design of streets with considerations for the future top-of-mind.

“Over time, we will continue adding information and learnings, benefits and thought-provoking concepts,” says Chris Isles, executive director of planning, Place Design Group.

“We are encouraging participation and involvement from all of the key groups to collaborate and contribute to the conversation throughout 2019 as we make the streets of the future.”

“It is fantastic to see the continuation of the concept of Future Street evolve since the 2017 International Festival of Landscape Architecture and we hope it will continue to build momentum and provide a platform for advocating change in our cities that is more sustainable, liveable and productive,” says Tim Arnold, AILA CEO.

“The Hub has plenty of great resources available as we continue to promote green, more complete and smarter streets of the future.”


Image credit: Place Design Group