The NSW Government is currently assessing three proposals that will potentially create 19,000 homes at Appin in Sydney’s south west.

The plans, located in Appin, Appin’s Gilead estate and North Appin, will alleviate a lack of housing in the region. The proposals form part of the state government’s $2.8 billion housing supply package. 

A 1,284-hectare site owned by Walker Corporation will comprise 12,900 new homes, a 300-hectare site along Ousedale Creek acquired by Ingham’s Property Group will provide 3,000, while an 876-hectare site owned by Lendlease will create space for 3,300 new homes and a school. 

NSW Planning and Homes Minister, Anthony Roberts, says all three developments will implement koala corridors.

“In addition to potentially providing much-needed housing, these proposals will improve outcomes for the area’s koala population, one of only a few disease-free populations in NSW,” he says.

“Setting up koala corridors is a key part of our conservation efforts to make sure koalas can safely move around, and these proposals could help secure and implement koala plans identified in the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan.”

Roberts says the government will handle the assessment of the proposals, given their significance, complexity and housing and environmental benefits.

“The Department of Planning and Environment will undertake the assessment of these proposals, which are all located in the Greater Macarthur Growth Area, so councils don’t need to. However, it will be required to work closely with councils and other agencies to resolve any potential issues,” he says.

“Nothing about the assessment process changes including the important need for community consultation.”