The NSW government has this morning erected a cyclone wire fence around the site of the Sirius building, Sydney’s iconic brutalist building.

The Sirius building has been making news since the government announced its refusal to include the architectural icon on the State Heritage Register alongside its plans to sell the building. Currently, the building serves as public housing, but most of its residents have recently been evicted.

The erection of the fence comes as the government begins evictions of the Sirius building’s few remaining residents, who have so far refused to vacate the premises.

According to the Sirius Foundation, the cyclone wire fence appears to be poorly constructed and could potentially pose issues for public safety. However, it is well-positioned if it is intended as preparation for the demolition of the building and its ground-floor courtyards. The fence effectively alienates Sirius residents from the site’s common areas.

All of the interior common areas of the building have been ‘locked away’ from Sirius’ residents, and reservations of these spaces by residents have been cancelled.

In a press release distributed today, the Sirius Foundation said the erection of the fence around Sirius was reminiscent of the Berlin Wall.

Peter Muller, one of Sirius’ last remaining residents, currently remains in his home, surrounded by residents and supporters. The sheriff was scheduled to evict Muller from his home this morning, and NSW government representations remain at a safe distance from the site, keeping a close eye on proceedings.