Australian builder Nova Deko is collaborating with the University of New South Wales to develop a fully sustainable modular house, built to the dimensions of a shipping container.

The company manufactures prefabicated homes that take advantage of the transportation benefits of shipping containers, while improving on the inefficiencies associated with the infrastructure.

Built in a factory in Foshan, China, under supervision of Australian tradesmen, the modular houses are made from less steel than what is needed for a shipping container and can be insulated more easily than the corrugated frames.    

Like shipping containers, the Nova Deko structures can be easily transported and arranged in different configurations, allowing owner’s to customise the design and layout or even add modules at a later date.

According to the company’s website all their homes either meet or exceed all Australian and New Zealand standards and the requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

Nova Deko is currently participating in a University of NSW research project aimed at developing sustainable, affordable and transportable housing units or pods.

The company wants to achieve optimum energy efficiency for its modular homes and hopes to one day produce a fully sustainable house that doesn’t need to be connected to any external services such as power, water or sewerage.

Installation of an existing Nova Deko prefabricated house

Nova Deko - Sao Paulo design

Nova Deko - Milan design

Courtesy Tree Hugger & Nova Deko