The University of Notre Dame Australia has announced a new Master of Architecture program at its Fremantle campus from next year. The course combines post-graduate study and practice-based experience, enabling students to work part-time in the field.

To begin in semester one next year, the two-year Master of Architecture program is open to graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in architecture, interior architecture or an equivalent qualification. As part of the program, students will be allowed to work part-time while undertaking supervised placements with Notre Dame’s professional partners.

Professor Sarah McGann, dean of Notre Dame’s School of Arts and Sciences says the new program will benefit from the distinctive elements of the Notre Dame experience such as small class sizes, research-led teaching, high employability through engagement with industry, professional skills development, and ethical, values-driven curriculum.

“The design studio environment provides a platform for students to apply knowledge, creativity and strategic problem-solving skills in the built environment,” says McGann.

A second three-year program, the Master of Architecture (Extended), will be open to high-achieving graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in another discipline area such as arts, planning, fine art, design, environmental science, archaeology or history.

Entry to both programs will be based on a portfolio interview.