Billard Leece Partnership has recently completed the $6 million Nexus Health GP Super Clinic in Victoria.

The primary healthcare facility for the town of Wallan, the Super Clinic provides an integrated care experience focused on illness prevention, taking in account GP practitioners, allied health professionals such as nurses, visiting medical specialists and ancillary health services.

Its design is informed by the Clinic’s engagement with the surrounds, with the yin of transparency balanced by the yang of functionality – important elements for a healthcare project.

Forming an iconic front to the town, the fa├žade of the building features a dynamic pattern of angled engineered timber fins that frame the views beyond while providing a distinctive aesthetic.

These raked timber fins create a dynamic play of shadows throughout the day, ameliorating the sunlight and glare to the large windows, which open up the generous spaces of the 1,600sqm site to the landscape beyond.

A highly articulated shading system furthermore enhances the efficiency of the building.

The skin of the building surrounds a double height atrium, which encloses a sinuous stair leading to the upper level clinic. The ground floor includes community spaces that are adjacent to external landscaped areas, again strengthening the connection between the building – and hence its occupants – and the rolling hills beyond.

Wayfinding is emphasised by the design, with the interiors placing emphasis on the clarity of the circulation.

Sustainability is central to the design. To minimise impact on the environment, a range of strategies have been employed, including sustainable timber construction methods, natural ventilation through public spaces, controlled use of natural light and orientation, and rainwater recycling.

The gardens around the building also provide a natural environment and shade during the day.

Revealing characteristics of craftsmanship and intrigue, the design of the Nexus Health Super Clinic reflects its aim of creating a new focal point for the community, and providing a non-institutional but professional and engaging environment for staff, patients, and visitors.

Photography by Tony Miller