The Supply Chain Sustainability School has released a comprehensive report on the problem of ‘modern slavery’ in the property, construction and infrastructure industries.

Modern slavery is an umbrella term that covers illegal practices such as forced labour, child labour, human trafficking and bonded labour. Though modern slavery is not quite prevalent in Australia, the problem is more widespread today than at any time in human history.

Stakeholders in the Australian property, construction and infrastructure industries must, therefore, be aware of the potential for modern slavery in their extended supply chains, understand the need for greater transparency, and work towards eradicating similar human rights abuses.

The Australian Parliament is currently working towards introducing a Modern Slavery Act this year. In addition to partnering with leaders representing civil society, business, investors, academia and faith-based organisations to support a unified approach in addressing modern slavery, the School is also providing resources on these topics to raise awareness, encourage action, and build competencies in Australia's property, construction and infrastructure supply chains.

The freely downloadable report aims to create better understanding of the term ‘Modern Slavery’ in supply chains through case studies, develop awareness of risk areas and reporting criteria, and provide a considerable number of links to free resources on the subject.