Honeywell and Vertiv have outlined a plan to create more efficient and sustainable data center operations, upon the announcement of their partnership in October 2020.

The joint effort will combine Honeywell’s operational technology experience with Vertiv’s critical digital infrastructure solutions, to optimise data center sustainability, resiliency and operational performance.

In a first for data centre operation, the partnership will combine intelligent selection of energy resources with centralised visibility of operations and infrastructure to help reduce energy use.

The companies’ initial focus will be on micro-grid solutions for data centers to enable more efficient integration of alternative energy sources such as solar arrays, fuel cells and batteries, and to provide a scalable approach for operators to quickly enhance functionality and improve total cost of ownership.

“Data centers face similar challenges as other buildings that have disparate systems that were not designed to work together, but they experience these challenges on a greater scale,” says Vimal Kapur, CEO of Honeywell Building Technologies.

“We look forward to collaborating with Vertiv to offer integrated solutions that make it easier for data center operators to distill the mountains of data they pull from their equipment into actions that create more efficient and environmentally friendly operations.”

Data centres consumed approximately 1 percent of the world’s energy use in 2018, and  while the industry has made great strides to reduce and offset energy demands, more work can be done in creating a more sustainable and carbon-neutral future.

Image: Wikipedia Commons