Livable Housing Australia (LHA) announces a new online assessment tool that helps consumers and industry easily achieve a livability certification for their properties. The online tool was launched recently by Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP.

The LHA, established in 2011, is a partnership between industry, the consumer sector and governments committed to ensuring that new Australian homes are designed and built for better safety, comfort and ease of access.

Announced at the Built Environment Meets Parliament (BEMP), LHA’s online tool enables users to quickly and simply measure the livability of properties by creating a fast tracked assessment pathway.

Minister Andrews described ‘livability’ as a concept that ensures the modern Australian home can meet the needs of more Australians, now as well as in the future. He adds that the livability approach is endorsed by the Abbott Government and commends industry for seizing the livable housing agenda.

CEO of Australian Institute of Architects, David Parken observes that the new assessment tool will simplify the process of achieving an LHA livability certification for a home or project.

For LHA’s Platinum Corporate Partners such as Property Council of Australia, Master Builders Australia, the Australian Institute of Architects and Stockland, the refreshed website and online assessment tool will mean industry can deliver certified livable designed homes with ease.

Welcoming the new initiative, Chief Executive of Master Builders Australia, Wilhelm Harnisch said the online assessment tool takes the guesswork out of the certification pathway and builds in key efficiencies to simplify and speed up the process of gaining a livability certification. The online tool additionally, complements the hardcopy Livable Housing Design Guidelines and smartphone apps developed by LHA.

Amelia Starr, LHA’s Executive Director adds that Livable Housing Australia is driving a transformation in the way the Australian home is being designed and delivered. The ease of use and time efficient process facilitated by the new online assessment tool will soon make the LHA livability certification commonplace.