A new bi-annual magazine, Future West (Australian Urbanism) aims to explore the future of urbanism in Australia with the first issue taking Perth and Western Australia as its reference point.

Published by the Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts Faculty (ALVA) at the University of Western Australia, the premiere issue of Future West features reports, con­versations and cultural critiques about Western Australian urbanism. Future West is a publishing platform for collaborative urban research and advocates for social and economic impact through design.

The magazine will cover trends that define ‘The Next City’, touching upon building innovation, social entrepreneurialism, distributed infrastructure and urban den­sification.

Feature highlights include Geoffrey London looking at the potential of urban infill, and discussing the power of demonstrative projects with Paul Whyte, General Manager of the WA Department of Housing; contributions by Bree Trevena and Janet Holmes a Court exploring the role of creativity, arts and culture in the city; and Julian Bolleter investigating how the environment can be harnessed in future urban development in addition to the potential of AirBnB, the adaptive use of existing buildings, distributed infrastructure and solar energy with contributions from Jacqui Alexander, Timothy Moore, and Brad Pettitt and Peter Newman.

The first issue launches on Wednesday, June 1 at 6pm at the Cullity Gallery, Clifton St, Perth.