The Australian Balustrade Association (ABA) has been launched at a time when the construction industry is grappling over issues like the non-compliant use of flammable cladding and the cracking of the Opal Tower apartment block.

The main purpose of this new national association is to prevent death or injury due to non-compliant, unsuitable or ageing balustrade installations for stairs and balconies, and in the construction of high-rise buildings.

Shadow minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, senator Kim Carr has welcomed the new national association, saying: “The Australian Balustrade Association should be applauded for its approach to address non-conformance in the building industry. The deregulation agenda in the building industry has failed to protect public safety.”

In announcing the new association, ABA executive manager, Patrizia Torelli, called on the industry to work together to eradicate the duplication and contradiction caused by non-uniform regulatory standards around the country.

“The Australian Balustrade Association will be providing the most advanced knowledge and support to industry, to ensure the safety of Australian buildings,” she says.

Twelve months ago, the Shergold Weir report recommended a national best practice model to strengthen the effective implementation of the National Construction Code (NCC).

The ABA says that it strongly supports a national best practice model and will support its membership in achieving the highest possible standards of safety, by working to establish stringent national training and certification standards.

Image credit: Flickr