As the world of design catches on with the potential of 3D printing, a new contender has entered the handheld 3D-printing field.

Developed by design group LIX, and funded by ‘Kickstarter’ pledgers, the LIX 3D Pen is the smallest of its kind and can be purchased for under $150.

“This pen is the technology that touches the peak of professionalism,” said co-founder of LIX 3D Pen, Delhine Eloise Wood.

“All existing pens are large, heavy and uncomfortable to use.”

“It [Lix3D pen] has great potential; it is the perfect tool for stylists, architects and designers.”

LIX 3D printing pen functions like a 3D printer. It melts and cools coloured plastic filament to create rigid and freestanding structures. The pens end has a hot nozzle that is power supplied from a USB 3.0 port from your computer.

The ABS/PLA plastic filament is fed into the upper extremity of pen, passing through a LIX patented mechanism to reach the hot-end nozzle, which melts and cools it down.

Available in matte black and grey, the LIX 3D Pen is 164 mm in height and weighs 40 grams.

Watch the video below to see the potential of the Lix 3D Pen and the future of architecture and design modelling.

Visit for more on the project and purchase information.