A new exterior building material has emerged from the U.S.A that manufacturers say is stronger than concrete blocks, cheaper than timber in almost every way and is better for the environment than conventional bricks.

“Titan Brick Inc.” is a new environmental-friendly “earth brick”, conceived in San Antonio, Texas and made from 90 per cent dirt that is waterproofed with non-toxic chemicals. The brick is not fired and is constructed in an interlocking format using glue rather than mortar.

The manufacturers of Titan, who are currently seeking a patent for its design, say that their product is two and a half times stronger than concrete blocks (2500 Psi) and fire resistant up to 1,800 degrees (Fahrenheit). They also claim that it's easier to install, more thermally efficient, requires 90 per cent less energy to produce and has a lower cost than conventional fired bricks.

They also say that other exterior wall materials that match up to Titan’s performance, such as isothermic walls (poured concrete in Styrofoam moulds), will soon be cost prohibitive as cement prices rise.

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However, the Titan Brick is heavier than a standard brick and smaller than a concrete block, weighing in at over 9kgs and measuring approx. 20cm x 20cm x 11cm.

It’s also not a simple case of ordering your pallet of Titan bricks and of you lay; contractors will first have to be schooled on how to construct a wall using Titan Bricks and be licenced by the company before they can begin using the material.

There is currently no price per brick at this time because Titan will be selling it as a building system so prices will vary on an area basis.