Dogs have a free run of the place at the new Bark office in Columbus, Ohio. The New York-based company specialises in dog toys, treats and supplies, with its BarkBox division operating out of the Ohio location.

With more than half of Bark’s 300-plus employees at the Ohio division owning dogs, the dog-first design by the Seattle-based architecture firm NBBJ allws 40-50 dogs come to the office every day; therefore, it was important to keep the needs of both humans and dogs in mind when designing the office.

Employees have the freedom to move around depending on their work, while bunk-bed cubbies with nooks built into wall dividers allow them to work with their pets sharing the space. Even the workstations have comfortable built-in spaces for the dogs to relax.

Two kitchens in the Bark office offer a variety of food and beverage options for both employees and their dogs.

The lounge for the employees has a play area with rubber flooring for the dogs. The sofas and chairs are upholstered with a special custom-lined fabric that allows easy clean-up after accidents. Given the presence of the energetic pooches, traditional carpet was completely avoided for the flooring. Instead, concrete flooring was selected for all circulation and open-work zones. Woven vinyl flooring that can withstand tears has been installed in the conference rooms.

Photographs: NBBJ