Spanish studio MUT Design has created a freestanding kitchen unit that bridges the roles traditionally played by kitchen and living room furniture.   

Handmade in Spain, the Float collection comprises a kitchen island, a cupboard, a glass cabinet, a serving cart and a room divider.

Hoping to produce a collection with an aesthetic more akin to the living room than to the kitchen, the MUT designers incorporated materials such as copper, ash and marble into the modular unit.

The island’s ash frame features removable drawers and trays that allow access to utensils from either side, making it easier for multiple people to use the space at the same time.

A marble sink sits on top of a copper column at one end of the bench, while at the other is an integrated hot plate.

In addition to the island is an ash and powder-coated glass cabinet, room divider and serving cart with a low level copper tray.

A large cupboard – designed to house an oven, fridge and other appliances – completes the kitchen collection.

Courtesy Dezeen