The Master Plumbers Association (MPA) of NSW has denounced Waverley Council’s proposal to ban the use of gas in new construction, claiming that it disregards property owner rights.

The organisation, which represents highly skilled plumbers across the state, has indicated that the proposal is a poor one that undermines the principles of choice and innovation within the building industry.

MPA members believe that a plethora of energy options should be made available to residents, including the reliable and cost-effective utilisation of gas. The Waverley proposal limits consumer choice and denies builders the ability to deliver sustainable and efficient projects according to their client's needs.

MPA NSW CEO, Nathaniel Smith, believes that Waverley Council are effectively choosing to ignore the benefits of gas through the proposal.

“Gas is a significantly cleaner option to coal-dependent electricity generation and will not create a higher demand on the electricity grid,” he says.

“Waverley Council would be wise to investigate the advancements in gas technology, including renewable natural gas (RNG) and the use of blending Hydrogen with Natural Gas, which are already happening successfully here in NSW and in other parts of the country.” 

“The electrical industry has portrayed gas as a dirty and not a renewable product, which is incorrect, as Biogas is a Natural Gas that is 100 per cent renewable.”

Smith says that the Council still has time to go back on its initial proposal.

“Council needs to reconsider this proposed ban and engage in constructive dialogue with industry experts to find alternative solutions that balance environmental concerns with the needs and preferences of the local community,” he says. 

“Collaboration and open communication are key to ensuring sustainable and well-informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders involved.”