A cascading circular waterfall is just one of many lavish features included in the Moshe Safdie designed bio-dome extension for Singapore's Changi Airport.

The $1.5 billion dollar facility, known as Project Jewel, will house five stories of high-end retailers, crowned by a lush indoor garden and a waterfall on the top floor.

The donut-shaped glass and steel structure will be connected to the Changi Airport‘s three existing terminals via enclosed glass walkways.

Inhabitat has described the complex as resembling a hybrid between Biosphere 2 and a Buckminster Fuller dome.

Moshe Safdie is notorious for his iconic, eco-topic buildings, including Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Resort and Sky Habitat.

Project Jewel is slated to become another grand structure for the city-state, which combined with overall infrastructure improvements, is certain to make what is already the fifth busiest airport in the world even busier.

Courtesy Inhabitat