Modular home designers, Habitech Systems is hosting an Open Day at their Hawthorn Solar Extension project on March 21. 

The Open Day offers visitors an opportunity to see the design possibilities created by a modular housing system up close and personal. 

The Open Day is being organised at an 1890s home with the modern expansion to provide most of the energy used in the house and the two glass walled shower stalls projecting out into an enclosed 120-year old brick courtyard.

Since the home extension project is still under construction with the wall panel system exposed before being plastered, home buyers and visitors can learn more about the process prior to completion.

Participants in the Open Day can also see modular panels being installed during construction and how prefab design can be effectively used to extend a home.

Visitors will also experience how design is used to make the most of the opportunities on a small, narrow, inner suburban site and the flexibility, strength and quality provided by a modular design and construction system.

The Hawthorn Solar Extension project is being organised on Saturday 21st March 11am - 3.30pm at 27 Henrietta Street, Hawthorn.

All are welcome.