A proposed mixed-use development for the Sydney’s Surry Hills reinterprets the older buildings that occupy the suburb.

Designed by Scott Carver Architects, the project for 23-47 Flinders Street makes use of the typical Surry Hills terrace house typology. This typology, however, has been stacked over six-storeys and will feature 33 apartments, basement parking, shared amenities and ground floor commercial and retail tenancies.


In terms of materials, choices respond to the surrounding Victorian terrace houses. These materials include private verandahs, party walls, screening elements and street gates. The building will also be finished in a glazed brickwork similar to nearby hotel and residential developments.

Beyond the building itself, the proposed project responds to the landscape qualities and off-street public domain character of Surry Hills. The development will provide a publicly accessible off-street courtyard garden as part of a cafe offering. In addition, will be a series of winter gardens and a communal roof garden.


The project’s developer, Avid Property Group, has lodged the plans for approval.