NAS architecture’s ‘Breath Box’ is a waterfront pavilion composed of hundreds of mirrored panels that move in time with the wind.

The interactive installation was created for the Festival des Architectures Vives—or Festival of Lively Architecture, and has been erected on the rocky shore of La Grande Motte, a seaside resort in the south of France.

The pavilion’s main façade is made up of recomposed mirrors supported by rows of horizontal bars and reflects the ocean waters at which it is faced.

As the wind blows the mirrored panels lift and move, causing the reflected image to ripple and dance.

Inside, wooden slats cast geometric shadows that change and deform throughout the day as the mirrors move.

The Breath Box was designed to activate the senses of visitors to the structure as they see, smell, hear, touch and interact with the natural environment surrounding them.

Courtesy Design Milk