An “invisible oasis” has been designed by Kois Associated Architects for the Greek Island of Tinos.

Located on a steep hillside overlooking the Aegean Sea, the aptly named ‘Mirage’ residence features a rimless pool covering the entire roof, creating the illusion that it disappears into the surrounding seascape.

The 198 sqm single level abode is partially buried into the hillside and will be constructed using materials taken from the local countryside, so as to mimic the elements of the existing scenery.

Local techniques have also been borrowed, like the traditional dry wall construction found in abundance in the island, which is used to surround sections of the interior and also frame the building's entrance.

The rear walls are made of retained earth and have layers of vegetation, which, combined with the layer of water on the roof, will help to cool and regulate the home’s internal temperatures.

Described by Kois Associated Architects as a “Doric” approach, the house has been stripped down to only the “essential features”, so as to not distract from the panoramic views of its breathtaking location.

Courtesy Dezeen and Kois Associated Architects