Entries are open for Micro Housing 2019, with designers across the globe encouraged to enter.

The competition seeks designers to create inventive, experimental architectural solutions that would surprise today’s housing market, creating a sense of living based on community spirit.

Participants are required to design a prototype of a micro-housing unit that reflects the needs and culture of the community chosen. A suitable aggregation of these micro-housing units should be done in an urban context, relating to the needs of the group of users.

The built-up area of each residential unit should not exceed 350 square feet (or 32.5 square metres) and should house up to four individuals.

A total of 100 users are to be considered for the design, and participants are to choose a site relevant to the topic in the urban context.

Submissions are open until 4 October, 2019.

Click here for more information about the competition and its requirements.