French architect Marc Fornes has enveloped New York’s Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery in a bulbous web made from perforated aluminium panels.

Titled ‘Situation Room’, the installation was formed by fusing together 20 spherical shapes based on Boolean mathematics.

The resulting self-supported structure stretches from the floor to the ceiling of the exhibition space, creating a series of coves, niches, tunnels and openings for visitors to walk through. 

Specially placed lighting illuminates the sculpture’s bright pink powder coating and interior chambers, while producing contrasting shadows across the surfaces of the outer the room.

Fornes collaborated with Oslo-based artist Jana Winderen to engineer 10 resonant sounds that are vibrated around the aluminium shell, turning the installation into an instrument.

‘Situation Room’ is a continuation of Fornes’ study and work with the contemporary conditions that exist within the built environment that surrounds us.

Courtesy Bustler