Kate Doyle, 10 year serving board member for the Architects Registration Board (ARB), has resigned from her position to pursue a career at the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA).

Richard Thorp, President of the ARB announced Doyle’s resignation on April 9, stating:

“The Board has benefited greatly from Kate’s leadership; she has consistently initiated new ways of increasing the Board’s quality and quantity of programmes to deliver our core roles of regulation of architectural services and education about architecture in the community.”

“We thank Kate for her commitment and service to the Board, and wish her well in her new role as CEO of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia commencing 1 July 2014.”

Doyle served a 10 year tenure with the board and was also a committee member of the Sydney Architectural Festival. 

Doyle will now join the AACA starting July 2014 as its Chief Executive Officer, replacing former CEO Chris Harding.

Doyle returns to the AACA after her resignation from the organisation’s board back in September 2011. 

Thorp, also president of the AACA, says that although Harding will be missed, Doyle will be welcomed to begin a new era for the AACA.

“On behalf of the Board, and staff, can I say we will be sorry to lose her but also look forward to a new era based on the great legacy she will leave us,” he said.

The AACA is responsible for advocating, coordinating and facilitating national standards for the registration of architects in Australia.

It also facilitates the recognition of Australian architects overseas by the relevant Registration Authorities.