Lo Scoglio, the brainchild of Angelica and Charlie Arnott, is a wellness haven located in the epicentre of the Byron Hinterland. Sat on a two acre block, the reinvigorated four bedroom farmhouse and one bedroom studio spare no expense in the quest to find uninterrupted sanctuary.

Designed by the pair in conjunction with builder Skyline Projects, the level of amenity on offer to guests is seldom rivalled. A personal concierge, private chefs, air charter services, medical aesthetics and personal wellness practitioners are all on offer, underscoring the Arnott’s commitment to offering a truly unique way of holidaying in one of Australia’s most coveted holiday destinations.

Deriving its name from the Italian phrase for ‘The Rock’, Lo Scoglio possesses a strong sense of place, anchored into its site. Angelica says that she has carried the ideas and vision she had for Lo Scoglio for a lifetime. 

“This Lo Scoglio project was very much an expression of my emotional connection to my heritage and the love that my father gave me through that heritage, honouring him and paying homage to him.”

An emphasis on health and wellness throughout Arnott’s life (despite an extensive rock ‘n roll background) is a clear influence on Los Scoglio, which was developed alongside international subtle energy healer Patrick MacManaway. Byron Bay, arguably the country’s wellness capital, was an ideal setting.

The material curation harks back to Arnott’s Italian roots, a harmonious amalgamation of stone, steel and timber.

“I was influenced by my Italian heritage. Farmhouses resonate. Those material choices would lend to that design. So that was the evolution and it felt right to me,” she says.

‘Anytime I went back to Italy, I witnessed what my family grew up in - a stone building steeped in the landscape. It all looked like it had just evolved organically. That was always embedded in my brain as to how one could live a very connected life. I really wanted to build that.”

On the interiors, Arnott commissioned Tigmi Trading to assist in sourcing and creating a number of bespoke elements that fit seamlessly throughout in what she describes as an ‘intentional but not pretentious' manner. Handmade brass finishes, marble countertops, property-sourced stone laid by local stonemasons, bespoke iron work, upcycled bridge timbers and niches honouring Garibaldi and Verdi realise Arnott’s vision.

“I wanted to bring some of my heritage artfully into the space. I worked with Tigmi Trading to create that because they were able to source all the things I'd been imagining we could recreate. A lot of its original and sourced from Italy, and a lot we've made here with their help.

“So we've created this luxurious space with every amenity a five-star hotel would have, but in a beautiful home setting. We want our guests to feel held by this space, to relax, unwind, and experience the things you crave on a holiday. Whether you seek escape or simply want to reconnect with yourself, family, or friends, the house caters to that.”

Skyline Projects Owner Nicolas Lenders is commended by Arnott as “understanding our vision” and being able to interpret the couple’s idea. Lenders says it was a pleasure to oversee the renovation of a building at one with its locale.

“We love working within an ideological framework, particularly when it comes to honouring the land,” he says.  

“Charlie and Angelica really live by this standard and we’ve relished the challenge of sourcing the highest quality timbers and materials so we can breathe new life into them. Lo Scoglio’s build has a distinctly regenerative feel and light touch - this is sincere and sumptuous luxury at its best.”

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