The ‘Wavescape’ is a design proposal for the revitalization of the abandoned, disconnected urban area along the honggye stream in Seoul, Korea.

Aiming to transform and redefine the current environment, LMTLS conceived the idea of the undulating surface, thinking of it as a social magic carpet that connects the different levels of stream and city. 

LMTLS has created the ‘Wavescape’ as an intensified landscape structure, with its fluid design producing new urbanized spaces, both interior and exterior.

The project is essentially an extension of a street and a park. it is not a separate, freestanding building detached from the surrounding context, but an active mutation between architecture and landscape. 

The curvature of the surface varies to maximize accessibility and connection between stream and city. in this way, visitors and neighboring communities are encouraged to explore the structure and spend more time within its limits.

The wavy roof profile in section and elevation helps the integration of the structure with the natural environment, allowing direct contact with the Honggye Stream.