The world’s tallest LEGO tower has been constructed in front of Saint Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, Hungary.

Reaching 34.76 metres high, the tower was verified by officials from the Guinness World Records company as well as the LEGO Store in Budapest.

The tower took out the title by beating the record of 34.43 metres, which was held by the U.S.

Local school children and specialised Danish Lego constructors worked together to assemble the tower, with the city’s Mayor, Antal Rogan, placing a Rubik’s Cube ornament on top of the structure as the final piece.

When asked about his reasoning behind the project, Mayor Antal Rogan explained that the engineering knowledge and diligence that went into the modern Lego project also helped to call attention to the beautiful old architecture of the Basilica.

Courtesy Archinect and So Bad So Good