Australian-German firm LAVA [Laboratory for Visionary Architecture] will be participating in two exhibitions at the Venice Architecture Biennale in June 2014.

LAVA's creative green projects are featured in the ‘Alpitecture Meets Biennale – Topographic Structures’ exhibition at the Palazzo Bollani.

LAVA's award-winning solution for revitalising old buildings by 'reskinning' is one of eleven unbuilt projects in ‘Augmented Australia’ at the virtual Australian Pavilion.

Tobias Wallisser, director of LAVA Berlin said of ‘Alpitecture Meets Biennale’: ‘Inside our spatial hollow, inspired by Irving’s sleepy hollow tale are some of LAVA’s key green projects.

Mirrored, recycled cardboard creates a layered, topographic structure that is choreographed by the viewer. Every move creates a new visual perception fusing contextual relationships and dynamic conditions ‐ a trademark of LAVA’s projects.’

Above: 'Tower Skin' in Sydney. Image: LAVA

Alexander Rieck, Stuttgart director expects visitors to the Biennale to be inspired by the exhibition at the Palazzo, located close to the Arsenale. LAVA will be featured alongside internationally renowned architectural firms such as Zaha Hadid, GRAFT and BLAURAUM ARCHITEKTEN in showcasing their visionary projects.

Above: 'Tower Skin' in Sydney. Image: LAVA

LAVA Asia Pacific director Chris Bosse adds that their award‐winning Tower Skin is one of eleven unbuilt Australian projects to be chosen for the virtual Australian Pavilion. To exhibit unbuilt buildings in an unbuilt pavilion is a genius idea of the curators.

While the tower concept references the Sydney Opera House sails, nature, the harbour and all that is Sydney, it also addresses global issues such as timescales of fashion and technology and future proofing of buildings.

Above and Below: 'The Square 3' in Berlin is one of LAVA's more renowned building skin projects. Image: LAVA

Below: 'Jeju Island Resort' in Korea will be presented by LAVA. Image: LAVA