Indesign Media Asia Pacific has launched a new awards program to recognise and honour the best in design and architecture across the Asia Pacific.

Submissions for the Inde Awards (INDE.Awards) will open 7 November 2016 and close 27 January 2017. A total of 10 category prizes will be handed out at the awards ceremony in June 2017, recognising the best in all things design, from objects to full buildings. 

Winners will be selected by a curated panel of top judges who will be looking for the best of the best in the Asia Pacific.

Raj Nandan, Founder and CEO, Indesign Media said, “Championing the best in design and architecture across the Asia Pacific has always been our number one commitment, and we can’t wait to celebrate this love of great design with you. 2017 is the year of Inde.”  

Awards will be given across multiple categories and will include two people’s choice awards.

The nomination process will commence 7 November.

The categories:

The Building
The grand prize of the night, The Building is awarded to a project that advances architecture and its capacity to respond to place-specific currents.

The Design Studio
This award honours the studio that thinks forward, creates voraciously, and changes perceptions.

The Work Space
This award honours a workspace design that meets the demands of work and the needs of people.

The Living Space
This award will recognise the region’s most inspiring home – one that dwells thoughtfully and sensitively.

The Social Space
Some of the most impressive spaces are those where people interact and play. The award will honour a space that tells a relevant story, captures the imagination, and brings people together.

The Object
To recognise the region’s finest in modern industrial design, this award will be decided based on how the object functions, what it signifies, and how it fits with the human body.

Launch Pad
The Launch Pad program provides the design community with a vital avenue to nurture and celebrate original, authentic and innovative emerging design, supporting and cultivating the careers of those product designers involved.

The Influencer
The Influencer award goes to a person, product or project that represents how design impacts the region and the world at large. The Influencer demonstrates what progressive design can do to improve the world.

People’s Choice Awards

The Prodigy
This award honours someone who sparks trends – one who sees no distinction between design disciplines.

The Luminary
The Luminary recognises the ongoing contribution of one icon to the design industry.